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7/24/2004 07:47:43 PM

In the 77 days since I last posted:

I started a new full-time design job at TMX Communications. My face graced television screens nationwide in several episodes of VH1’s ILL-ustrated. I finished the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Kutztown University that I started ten years ago. I saw Andrew W.K. for the ninth time. I had my 28th birthday. My bedroom was swarmed by dozens of winged ants. I got a cellular phone. I co-hosted Camp Naked Terror 3. I freshened up my badminton skills. I was unofficially inducted into the Santa Maria family. I hit seven 7-Elevens on Free Slurpee Day. I watched the first two seasons of “Saved By the Bell” on DVD. My animation work was briefly considered for use in Beastie Boys tour visuals. I replaced my G3 iBook with a used G4 Powerbook. I registered our team for the 2004 National Film Challenge. I made arrangements to attend this year’s Ottawa International Animation Festival. I finally started tinkering with that wonderful Quark-killer Adobe calls InDesign. I continued to struggle with the months-old XHTML/CSS design for version 3 of this site.

So you didn’t miss anything.

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